Located in Getsemaní, SOLAR is the top-spot of the bohemian barrio of Cartagena with an excellent view over the always-animated Plaza de la Trinidad.



Solar opened the doors in June 2015 and has become a classic location to visit when in Getsemaní, one of the most authentic barrios of Cartagena. The area is being loved for its authenticity, frequented by world travelers, backpackers and many adventurists. Street art and wall paint lovers will definitely like the area. That's just one of the reasons why Getsemaní has been named as the “coolest” neighbourhood of Cartagena in the press, confirmed by its hipper-than-thou crowd. Plaza de la Trinidad is the heart of Getsemaní.

When Solar owners Emelis and Tom opened Solar, they had recently arrived from Belgium where chef Emelis - Cartagenera - worked & studied the secrets about the Belgian-French Cuisine in Antwerp. Antwerp is also known as the world’s City of Diamonds, famous for its contemporary art and haute-couture fashion shows. It’s also Tom’s original hometown before definitely moving to Cartagena, Colombia.

Why 'Solar'? Let's keep this one short: the sun makes people instantly happy and destination “to the sun” is an all-time favorite of many Colombian and international tourists. When the sun goes down, Solar is your place-to-be for a cocktail or cold beer and some delicious Caribbean, Colombian plates finished with a European touch.


Phone & EMAIL

(+57) 322 6138473




Calle de la Sierpe 9A-32
Plaza de la Trinidad
Cartagena de Indias


NEW Hours

Mo-Sa 9am–0.30am
Su 6pm–0.00am

We're now also open for breakfast and lunch!



Solar Bar & Food is easy to find on the map below. Located on the corner of the #1 square of Getsemaní, Plaza de la Trinidad. Just a few minutes walking from Centro Conveniones, Torre Reloj, etc. Can't miss it.